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Facials in Madison, NJ

All facials include our one-on-one skin analysis, Hot steam to deep clean the pores, toning, exfoliating, and extractions. Also included is a stimulating face and décolleté massage followed by a specialized mask, formulated especially for your skin needs.

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Valmy Super-Hydrating Facial in Madison, NJ

This European facial targets dry, clogged and over worked skin. We start with a deep cleaning and hydrating toning. We then apply an all-natural enzyme exfoliating treatment mask to remove layers of dead skin cells that dry and age our skin. After carefully doing extractions, you will relax with a gentle massage. A collagen infused mask is then applied to attack the fine lines, and to start rebuilding the collagen in your skin that we so need for younger looking skin. We will end your facial with a deep conditioning leaving your skin healthy, moist, and glowing.
50 Minute Treatment - $90.00

Image Anti Aging Signature Facial in Madison, NJ

All skin types experience dehydration at one time or another. This facial uses our deep hydrating mask made of glycerin, collagen, carrot oil, rosemary extract, and other natural ingredients.This will help maintain and balance the precious water and minerals that our skin desperately needs to get that plump, moist, and healthy glow.
50 Minute Treatment –-$120

Image Ormedic Facial in Madison, NJ

This most popular anti-aging facial targets all problem areas associated with aging. This comprehensive treatment combines stable Tri-Vitamin C blend with hydroxyl acids and deeply hydrating ingredients to treat rosacea, dry, dehydrated, and photo-aging skin. After just one treatment you will know why Vitamin C is a must-have, anti-aging ingredient. This amazing treatment lightens, brightens, and tightens, reducing redness and adding vital hydration immediately leaving you with younger looking skin.
60 Minute Treatment - $95.00

Image 02 Lift in Madison, NJ

Reveals vibrant, younger-looking skin, while reversing the signs of aging, the results from exposure to everyday environmental factors such as sunlight, smog, pollution and stress. This facial targets all problem areas associated with aging, dull-looking, dry skin. It also helps with toning, dehydration, loss of elasticity, collagen reduction, wrinkles, and fine lines. This will rapidly and dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin.
60 Minutes Treatment - $120.00

Image Illuminating Facial in Madison, NJ

This facial is designed for sensitive skin that is often allergic, burns easily, and is prone to flaky patches. With a blend of calming and soothing ingredients, we begin to clean, moisturize, and nourish the skin without irritating or disturbing your sensitive skin. This facial is great for people with broken capillaries or rosacea.
60 Minute Treatment - $100.00

Be Clear Purifying Facial in Madison, NJ

Say goodbye to annoying breakouts. This treatment combines power full anti-bacterial ingredients with soothing botanicals to fight acne lesions without irritating delicate skin.
55 Minute Treatment - $95.00

Image Max Men's Skincare Treatment in Madison, NJ

We have created a facial treatment especially designed for the active lifestyle and special skin-care needs of men. Hot steam is used to deep clean the pores and to exfoliate dead skin cells. Special serums are used to attack age lines associated with men's skin. We then apply a moisturizing mask to relieve irritation, razor burns, and breakouts due to shaving. Lastly, relax with a vigorous neck and shoulder massage to relieve stress and give you that long-lasting look of good health.
60 Minutes Treatment - $90.00

Image Peels in Madison, NJ

Lift your skin to a new level of health by targeting your own skin concerns. Image peels offer a variety of different peeling solutions for various skin conditions including acne, aging, sun damage, Rosacea or hyper pigmentation. The resurfacing treatment is designed to improve and enhance the skin. Its benefits include skin clarity, even skin tones, uniform color and improved texture. Targeting acne, anti-aging, sun damaged, Rosacea or hyper pigmentation.

You must be seen previously before any peel treatment, for a client consultation and a skin analysis to determine what suitable peel regime will be recommended for your skin needs, and also your home care. Clients will fill out a detailed health and skin history form prior to starting any peel treatment.

Many clients will need a series ranging from 2-6 treatments, depending on skin issues. Some clients will need “pre-treating” 2 weeks prior to a chemical peel to prepare their skin. All resurfacing treatments will need a post-treatment kit for home use to promote healing.

The IMAGE Skincare Treatment Programme is simple. It consists of a three-phase process for rejuvenated healthy skin:
• Phase 1 – Prepare-Stimulate: Daily use of Image cosmeceutical skincare products.
• Phase 2 – Correct-Improve: A series of clinical resurfacing treatments
• Phase 3 – Maintain-Enhance: Monthly maintenance program with Image Skincare products.

Each of these peels is customizable. We can take all the peels to another level utilizing our enhancers to benefit your individual needs.
When finished we don’t forget your lips…we apply the balancing lip enhancement for moisture and to diminish fine lines.
$45.00 or $35.00 with any facial

(Prices subject to Change)